I make performances,  sculptures and publications as well as painted and photographic works and combine them in site-specific installations and scenografies. My work deals with language, belief systems and habits of thought – the impossibility of experiencing purely, since all our sensory impressions are interpretations of that, which impresses itself on us. But instead of rejecting these impressions and their linguistic expressions as false I consider them natural phenomena in themselves. Ephemeral poetry technologies. Vibrant communicational prostheses.

I have worked with spoken word as well as elements of Danish and British Sign Language in my performances. There are around 300 sign languages in use around the world today that have developed naturally, through creolisation and occasionally through language planning.

I'm interested in the relation between language and movement, between the ability to move and the creation of self.

As a part of my practice I invite people to meet and talk with me, one on one or in smaller groups, in my exhibitions. I find that conversation has a transformative potential and meeting new people in this way produces new insights, ideas, connections.

'High hanging senses brush the world, don't throw away the sweepings'

Performance, 2017. Photo: Julie Stavad